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A Word to the Shorn

One of the most significant experiences in the life of a sheep is in springtime when they need to be shorn. A word of encouragement to those enduring a long season of shearing. We look at a sheep shearing festival in the life of of King David. I Samuel 25:7

A Word to the Shorn I & II

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II Samuel 21:10—14. Rizpah, (meaning hot coal or stone) an extraordinary woman, a catalyst of redemption, reconciliation and closure. Lessons for all called to mother in an unconventional time.


The Beauty of Safety

All of our lives are a search for safety in people, places and things. We have legitimate needs. Sometimes we meet them in illegitimate ways, but all of our hungers are reducible to safety. Psalm 61:1, 3.

2 part series:
The Beauty of Safety


The Ten Gates of Jerusalem

Two sentences will trigger your memory to remember the Ten primary gates of Jerusalem in Nehemiah’s time.

SENTENCE #1” Shepherds Fight Over Victories Right (Sheep Gate, Fish Gate, Old Gate, Valley Gate)
Shepherds/Sheep gate
Fight/Fish gate
Over/Old gate
Victories/Valley gate
Right/Refuse gate

SENTENCE #2 ‘Fight With Hope Every Instant.”(Fish Gate, Water Gate, Horse Gate, East Gate Inspection Gate
Fight/Fish Gate
With/Water Gate
Hope/Horse gate
Every /East gate
Instant/Inspection Gate


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